Lytton Fire Class Actoin


Gratl & Company has teamed with Camp Matthews Fiorante Mogerman LLP to file a proposed class action against Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway on behalf of visual artist Carel Moiseiwitsch, who lost her home, business, works of art and personal items in the Lytton Fire on June 30, 2021.

Although government-led investigations have yet to conclude, legal counsel believe that eyewitness evidence, train schedules and the burn pattern converge to support the claim that a CP Rail train operated by CN Rail personnel on CN Rail tracks sparked the fire where the CN Rail bridge crosses the Fraser River.  The train was operated during a record-setting heat wave and in high winds, hours after a different train caught on fire on the same tracks approximately 40 km South of Lytton.

A copy of the Notice of Civil Claim filed August 18, 2021 is found here.